How We Got Started

I’m a local that loves sports, pop culture, and our city. I had several designs I was going to sell to another apparel company. But decided to just start my own business. I wanted a alternative to other designs and lacked anything with Kansas designs Before the big apparel boom in Kansas City. So I started my own business and are in several stores including Price Choppers, Made In KC, The Bunker, and my own store in downtown Overland Park. As well as some other boutiques. At one point before the pandemic I was in 32 stores. Now my family helps me run it 7 years later.

We want you to find your new super soft favorite Apparel. We love our city and will strive for loyalty, quality, and customer service is absolutely priority #1 for us. We get the best quality Apparel we can find, we print locally in KC and ship it to you world wide in a timely fashion, and we have been know to deliver your order personally. We also do custom orders anywhere between signs, drinkwear, and of course apparel. Please email me at